We are a development supplier for our world-renowned customers.

In Podgorje we are always ready to accept new challenges and readily adapt to the expectations of our partners. In the process of developing new ideas and products, we collaborate with the renowned designers Wilsonic Design and Ged-design, as well as with other European suppliers. At the same time we encourage creativity and make sure that our customers always get the best products.  The development process of a product can begin with a simple idea of ​​what the customer needs, the rest is done in Podgorje. 






How does the development process work?

The concept, idea or desire in the mind of our customer has to be transformed into drawings or plans. Then the shape, dimensions and materials have to be determined. We use various techniques - freehand drawing or 3D computer techniques.


Our new development guidelines are as follows:
- The development of furniture which is easy to assemble
- The development of products with coatings
- The production of furniture with lighting effects
- The production of furniture with different scents
- the use of new natural or recycled materials
- the realization of the most daring designers' ideas
- following technological, design and material innovations
- improving the wide range of massive wood and veneer surface treatment
- regular investments in state-of-the-art technological equipment
- 3D modeling is carried out using the latest CAD software with all the possible imports (dxf, dwg, sat, step, iges, prt,asm…)
- CNC machines are programmed using the Mastercam program, which allows us to make programs for every CNC machine from one drawing only. 
We build our future on innovation and development in all business processes, as well as on partnership with all of our business partners. 


The development process in Podgorje takes place in different areas:

  • the development of furniture for campers and trailers
  • the development of furniture for yachts
  • the development of classical furniture for churches and universities
  • the development of furniture for casinos
  • the development of furniture for gifts

    You can choose among various materials:
    - plywood boards surfaced with decorative papers
    - raw boards, poplar, okume, birch, beech ...
    - lightweight construction materials, polystyrene, honeycomb, slats, frames, PU, ​​...
    - solid wood, ash, spruce, oak, beech, alder, teak, iroko ...
    - decorative melamine faced panels made by renowned European manufacturers, such as Abet, Arpa, Cleaf, Pfleiderer, Dekodur, Formica ...
    - various decorative profiles for doors (chrome, aluminum, pvc, gloss or matte)
    - different veneers, natural and fineline
    - Kerrock (classical and lumino)
    - Plexiglass in various colors and with different surfaces
    - shiny or matte surfaces on furniture
    - if necessary, we can also develop various special hardware for furniture and slide fittings.


    If you already have an idea, a sketch or even a plan, and you want to have a quality product, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


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